AVP Audio/Visual Brokers
AVP Audio/Visual Brokers
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    What we do,


    We supply movie sets, banquet halls, entertainment venues, theaters, universities, and many other industries with audio/visual equipment, supplies and any other related gear. Whether you're looking to rent or buy, we've got you covered.

    We Rent Large Screens and Projectors with Dress Kits and Setup Included! 


     We love going back to our roots which are in video production, editing and transfers. We capture all events and any other celebrations. We can also turn your old-school memories into new-school files that you can share with your friends on social media. Some of the formats which we transfer are 16mm, 8mm Super8 film , Video 8, Digital 8, VHS, VHS C, Beta, DVCam and miniDV. We even do vinyl and cassette tape to CD!